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Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle CONFIRMS he is dating Charlotte Crosby in YouTube video

But despite being keen to again get serious with Charlotte, Gaz reveals it was her who was reluctant, even telling press that they weren't together and she couldn't trust the party-loving star. Gaz writes that he was then contracted to shoot Ex On The Beach in Thailand with the couple telling each other they would see what happened when he returned to the UK. Gaz insists he spoke to Charlotte every day and was keen to be updated about her condition, but she soon found out he had slept with a fellow EOTB contestant on day one of the show, before he found out about the pregnancy, leading to a huge argument.

The reality star adds that both his management and Charlotte's agreed they wouldn't do any press about the pregnancy when he returned to the UK, and he only told a 'handful of my closest friends. We were going to be parents, then this happened. I am devastated for the both of us,' he says.

Charlotte soon hit back at Gaz's version of events in an epic Twitter rant on Wednesday, where she announced she would be leaving their hit show Geordie Shore as she can't work with her ex anymore. I have made the The very hard decision to Leave the show, it's something I have went back and forth with for a while now,' Charlotte told her Twitter followers.

Geordie Shore: Gaz 'Doesn't Care' About Charlotte Date

The reality star adds that both his management and Charlotte's agreed they wouldn't do any press about the pregnancy when he returned to the UK, and he only told a 'handful of my closest friends'. A liar and a cheat, I'm actually excited to watch the ex on the beach You no the girl you all thought he wasn't cheating on?!


While I was sat waiting for you! You may have fooled every else with your victim act!

Geordie Shore break-ups and make-ups: From Gaz and Charlotte to Vicky and Ricci - Mirror Online

The Geordie Shore favourite told fans she couldn't work on the show anymore with Gaz. Gaz took to Twitter again after Charlotte's tweets, writing: Or this will never end Don't get angry if you don't like what I had to say Only reason you did it was to turn people against me and for once I have spoken up and u can't handle it'. Both need to move on And if you are leaving Geordieshore that is your own choice don't put it on me The year-old reality TV star, who had been filming Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle at the time, said she wasn't even aware she was pregnant at first, and that she though the pain was down to a heavy period.

Charlotte couldn't hold back the tears as she spoke of her horrific ordeal in her interview on Tuesday. She also explained that things were also going really well between herself and Gaz, despite the on-off nature of their tempestuous relatoinship. She couldn't stop the flow of her tears as she revealed the doctors made her go for emergency surgery after coping with the pain for a week. Charlotte then divulged that she had actually come off her contraceptive pill - not by choice, but because she hadn't had the time to renew the prescription - and took a morning after pill, but too late.

Geordie Shore BBB - Charlotte & Gary React To Their Own Love Story!! - MTV

Because I'd left it a week, it'd torn open my fallopian tube and I was bleeding internally. The Geordie Shore co-stars had been working on their romance of late, but they are currently not together due to his alleged infidelities. Charlotte - who was described as being in floods of tears during the emotional interview - had to be rushed for an emergency operation after testing positive for pregnancy, adding that she 'collapsed' after being put into a wheelchair to be taken to theatre.

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An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilised egg implants itself outside of the womb, usually in the fallopian tube, meaning a baby is unable to develop and leaving the mother's health in danger. While there is a chance of conception again, it is advisable for the woman to wait a while due to damage caused in the fallopian tube. Charlotte also confessed that she is now in fear that she won't be able to have children following the distressing ordeal.

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Last month, Charlotte shared a series of snaps from her hospital bed while suffering from a mystery illness - at the time, she did not reveal the reason for being in there. Another of Charlotte's social media snaps from her hospital stay in April saw her cradling a bouquet of flowers. Back in April, Charlotte shared a series of pictures from her hospital bed after being signed off work with a mystery illness.

She was forced to take time off work - including filming for Geordie Shore and also a book signing for her weight loss tome Live Fast Lose Weight - due to being unwell.

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We will reschedule as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused'. A statement released in April by Charlotte's rep confirmed she had been signed off work. Prior to the announcement, Charlotte had hinted she was feeling poorly over social media with array of telling posts. On Sunday morning Charlotte tweeted: Meanwhile on the previous day, she wrote alongside an emoji of a hospital: The former Celebrity Big Brother star appeared in good spirits while in hospital, though, as she kept her fans up to date with her recovery.

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And on Tuesday, as her revelation about the ectopic pregnancy came to light, Charlotte posted an uplifting quote on her Instagram page. She faced tragedy, she felt pain and it only made her stronger.

Charlotte and Gary are currently not seeing each other, amid claims that she had 'banned' him from attending the Geordie Shore anniversary party last week following his alleged infidelities. As the news broke about her ectopic pregnancy, Charlotte shared a motivational message on her Instagram page.

click here Charlotte has since blasted him on Twitter in the wake of the revelation, as fans have rallied around her, many in shock at him 'abandoning' her through her ordeal. She retweeted a post made by one user on the social networking site, which read: I thought he cared about her.

The reality TV star added, blasting her ex: Sadly what I have realised is that has only ever been for the cameras. Gaz posted hours before the news broke, sharing a cryptic message that read: No more sitting back No more being quiet Going to be an interesting week And fans were quick to respond to this post, many attacking him for his actions following the ectopic pregnancy.

Read the full interview with Charlotte in heat magazine, on sale now. On Tuesday, Charlotte hit back at Gaz after fans accused him of abandoning her. Standing up for Charlotte: The star's fans responded to a tweet made by Gaz on Monday night, in in support of Charlotte. Thursday, Jan 17th 5-Day Forecast. Share this article Share. The other side of the story Daily Star. Share or comment on this article: Gary Beadle thinks Charlotte Crosby should've kept her ectopic pregnancy private e-mail Traveller who unleashed sickening sex attack on British father killed in Kenya hotel terror Shocking moment schoolgirl, 15, bullied over He then teases Charlotte about her date, to which Charlotte says: Later in the episode, before she goes on her date, Gaz then presents Charlotte with what she describes as a "love bell", so she can ring him whenever she needs him.

Meanwhile, Kate and Holly finally come face-to-face on a night out and discuss James ' cold behaviour towards Holly.

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Geordie Shore: Gaz 'Doesn't Care' About Charlotte Date. One of the cast is also asked to Tuesday, March 19, - After last week's antics in Prague. Gaz, 27, confirmed he and Charlotte, 25, are indeed dating - albeit in a casual ' We're enjoying our time together': Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle .. Michelle Power, 47, and James Wright, 58, were married in on.

Will James and Holly finally be able to be friends again? Amongst all of the drama, one of the Geordies is asked to leave the house for bad behaviour.